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Thanks for going further!  We are definitely about going further!  Our mission and passion is increased mobility, activity and performance, quickly and efficiently!  As we have stated,  MOBILITY is fundamental to quality of life!  Whether it is simply enjoying a walk around the block to enjoy the sun or increased performance at the elite level in sports.  All is based on achieving the requisite level of confidence through mobility. ACTIVATION RATE  is next in line.  We define performance based on your starting point and goals.  “Performance” as we define it is relative to where you begin.  This is important, crucially important, to understand that what we do is not cookie cutter, or repackaging of same ol’ same ol’. Its not Gold’s Gym, Crossfit, or some new color theory or available somewhere else. It’s not. We start with you and where you are and in very few weeks YOU will redefine your goals and starting point to go to yet another level. No matter what your are here for, you will soon redefine the possibilities you see. Goals, solutions, performance, confidence, etc are all about one thing…perspective. Get beyond what you think you see. 

FasTwitch Kinetics is an integrated training model which is customized to to you, your sport or sports or activities and the obstacles you may find impeding you. As you quickly adapt the program is dynamically adjusted.

We understand that there are many reasons that physical activity can be difficult. Reasons that that keep you from living and performing more fully. Responsive kinetics is a solution that is outside of conventional training methods. The results are achieved faster and safer.

The core methodology employed is responsive kinetics.  Utilizing very unique computer controlled, unloaded resistance environment,  providing safe resistance and progressive velocity to activate neuromuscular pathways with completely different physiological results!

What?   A mouthful yes, but it boils down to this…greater confidence and access to the movements you perform and greater results in other types of training and activities you engage in.

This is the gold standard for gains on every level! Olympic athletes, seniors with nagging injuries or rehab requirements, and individuals with neuromuscular challenges. Gains which are achieved in a few sessions. Gains which are measurable in real time.

We ignite explosive power (rapid muscular activation) in human physiology that is up to now untapped!

Everyone utilizes this power everyday regardless of the degree of activity…We don’t often recognize that it is explosive power for some to be stable on a walk around the block on the sidewalk. It might be very uneven, and/or slippery (they certainly are in my town) and this gives someone with challenges to balance and locomotion a very disconcerting feeling. We can quickly rebuild that confidence.

At another end of the spectrum is a world class sprinter, basketball player, soccer player, ski racer, endurance runner, swimmer, cyclist and many others who are interested in having an edge, a secret weapon in the search for the something extra. Something that propels them to their next level and higher performance and safety!

These are the outcomes FasTwitch Kinetics training in responsive kinetics provides! A unique bio-hack from one end of the neuromuscular chain to the other! Higher, Faster, Stronger, Safer…not a cute phrase to us, but and outcome we produce everyday!

What can we help you achieve?

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