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Hello and welcome!

This is the home of FasTwitch Kinetics. Cutting edge resistance training is our core methodology. Utilizing a computer controlled hydraulic resistance system comprised of research grade componentry, we provide a unique training environment and otherwise unattainable results.

As you may know, all training is predicated on the SAID principle. Specific Adaptations to Imposed Demands. With Responsive Kinetics on this equipment we are able to make infinite adjustments to the demands in a way not possible with traditional resistance methodolgy.

There is much to cover with regard to the how and I will delve into those topics on upcoming posts. If you have a question you would like addressed, please email your particular question and any information you feel pertinent. I will respond and try to address here. If you have the question, most certainly others do also. I will try not to go too deeply into the science but it is certainly the basis of understanding and also the outcome you are pursuing!

Brick and mortar launch in spring 2019!

We look forward to exceeding your expectations in the arena of your active life at what ever level you perform!

Thank you!




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