Explosive power? What does that mean? Why do I need that?

Great questions! Very important to understand too! We all have a picture in our mind, or actually more of a little movie about what we think that term might mean. It’s certainly not wrong, but it’s just not complete. Major American contact sports are full of what our “movie” of explosive power illustrates to us. Every play in football ignites with explosive power of major muscle groups of every player trying to overpower the opponent at each position. The swing of a bat in major league baseball, a sprinter exploding off the blocks in a race, hockey players with explosive sprints and rapid change of direction. There are of course many many examples we could add, But what is explosive power exactly?

The answer is simple, but the acquisition is a bit more complicated, though it does not need to be. Athletes spend untold numbers of hours and insane amounts of money on developing this power. It is the currency of sport performance. So what about everyone else?  You may say it is unnecessary or not attainable. It is true, you do not need the amount of muscle mass of these athletes. You can however greatly benefit from the development of the real mechanism of explosive power…fast twitch  muscle fiber!

When we engage in training activities we are “training” all types of muscle fiber. For now that’s 3 types that we have names for and at least a fourth that moves around a bit depending on demand. Information is sent to the central nervous system about what current demand is based on your movements. That process continues at very high rates and a cascade of events occurs up and down the physical chain to keep up with your movements and maintain positions. Back to muscle fibers. They are firing and contracting within a known set of parameters. That is to say the order that muscle fiber is “used”, contracted, to produce the required outcome…propulsion, braking, change of direction, balance and all the various nuances of each. This order of muscle “use” does not change much and the result is a certain level of limitation on performance. The traditional thinking is that size of muscle is key. This has significant limitations. So, the purpose of variety of training, mixing up many variables, cross training, flexibility, and so on, all to push performance higher, but not much changes. Ultimately at a certain level for these athletes training becomes a cyclical maintenance program and minor injury management, or major injury management.

It is not so different for everyone else who is not an athlete at this level. It is economy of scale. You are on some sort of “obstacle” course or physical challenge everyday. Though you don’t necessarily label it as such. (have you ever had days where you said “I need to get to the gym more”, “Get out and run a bit more”, “Ride my bike a bit more”?) This runs the gamut of challenging the body by forcing it to sit all day and do repetitive motions. There may be visits to the gym, erratic training, too much training, more sitting while commuting. Weekend warrior activities where some degree of injury always accompanies engaging in these activities. Seasonal activities that we are unprepared for. Skiing, softball, bowling, tennis, running, cycling etc etc. Muscle mass declining with age, life changes that affect activity levels, and physical changes that make activity more difficult! In no way least in the population are individuals with any number of neuro-muscular challenges or diseases.

So, tying this together, lets go back to explosive power. Explosive power IS using fast twitch muscle fiber. Traditional resistance and other types of training do not provide an environment that changes the order of selection for this incredibly important muscle fiber. The training environment or conditions which are responsive kinetics on FasTwitch Kinetics equipment create the unique demand on the human physiology that produce a new outcome in fiber type firing order. Fast twitch fires first. The implications for you and me and all the various individuals in situations like the above is greater mobility, greater confidence moving about in daily activities. The overall affect is that all muscle fiber is trained and called upon much more quickly and efficiently. Very important for those nearer to the edge or maybe looking in at activities that they want to engage in. This is simply the game changer, hands down, period. And yes, even all the athletes who are striving to find gains, they have not cracked the code in any current mode. I could list a number of people who have had significant success using this training. Here’s one. Michael Jordan owned 5 of these machines which were spread around the country.

CONCLUSION:  Responsive kinetics training with FasTwitch Kinetics! EVERYTHING else you want to do is done better! These changes occur quickly!

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