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Hi! Here’s is a bit more about me and the steps along the path, so far, that I have taken to arrive here.  Some of those steps are talked about on “who are you” page.  Taken together it is my desire to show you the substance and confluence of experience and passion and a continued desire to grow in every way that I can.  It is applying that growth in my giving back from what I have been gifted.  I believe that is something that everyone should consider a life long pursuit.  One way we move forward is by giving back…we grow individually and collectively.  In some way we are contributing whether or not we realize that.  We choose how, either deliberately or by default.  These points along the path hopefully shows two things to you who are reading.  One, my own commitment to grow and experience life, and two, those who have contributed to that growth.

2016 B.S. Kinesiology,  College at Brockport,  Brockport, New York  (I highly recommend this program)

2014 China National Freestyle Aerials team

2019 China National Freestyle Halfpipe Ski team

2016 Skicross coach Carrabassett Valley Academy, Maine

2012 – 2015 Alpine Race coach Bristol Mountain Race Club, Bristol Mountain, NY

2011 Alpine Canada Alpin National Skicross team

1997 – 2005 Masterfit University Certification training stance balance analysis, static footbed construction, equipment modification for balancing

1998 -2010 Elan skis on snow sales support and new models ski prep.

1997 -2003 American Ski Company Killington Management services, on snow retail support programs, Elan Guided Demo program director

1997 – 2010 USSA Masters Alpine Ski Racing

1998 – 2004 Functional Training for Skiing with Bill Knowles at iSport/Vermont Orthopedic Clinic  Killington Vt

1998 – 2000 Tennis Coach at Killington Tennis School, Killington Vt

1980s + Road and Mountain biking race events, tennis regional competition, multisport events


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