Blocks of 8 to 10 sessions completed in a four week period are our current basic structure. Customization is certainly an option for specialized needs. Sessions are fully coached. Blocks include testing at first session and last session. (speed/power evaluation on equipment, agility test and vertical jump test)

For May and June we are giving discounts on 8 and 10 session blocks. 

8 session block     $800   discount price $700

10 session block   $1000  discount pricing  $800

“Buddy” sessions – two can train in same session. Each persons session is their own and data maintained individually. A bit of competition or motivational drive from a companion you like to train with is a great upgrade!      10 session block with 30% discount for each   $700 each!

Dynamic mobility, strength, balance training, in conjunction with                                            responsive kinetic training blocks.                                    Available

Custom blocks pricing evaluated based on density of training schedule requested. Typically you have already trained on equipment and are preparing for a specific event. Requests need to be made with enough advance to accommodate your needs.

Responsive kinetics training is non-chemical bio-hacking. This scientifically developed training produces a unique outcome is 40 years in the making.  A training environment that “throws a switch” already within you.

“Reaching in to human physiology igniting untapped resource of explosive power”


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