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 Increase quality of life and activity through increased mobility.  

Mobility is a fundamental of quality of life on every level.  Taken for granted until  compromised.  You may be returning to activity from some form of injury.  Maybe catastrophic or the wear and tear variety, chronic.  You may be at a time in life where you are experiencing declines in muscle tonicity and stability.  This might also be causing you to shy away from regular physical activity fearful of worsening the issue.  Traditional forms of resistance training important to gaining and maintaining might be causing anxiety.  Lack of confidence and instability increase risk of injury and diminish effectiveness and most importantly the joy of activity.  You may suffer from some form of  neuromuscular disease.  Your rehab or physical activity protocol feels like treading water.  You do it to keep moving but are not sensing it is helping.  You might be an athlete, regardless of level, feeling like doing the same training is just not taking you to the performance level that you believe you are capable of attaining. You know  there is more! Another level, and another and another!

Training with responsive kinetics at FasTwitch Kinetics on highly specialized resistance equipment IS the gold standard!  THE GAME CHANGER!!!

Here is why. Simply, the training environment is unique and the results are unique.

  • Unloaded resistance: Balancing means you never carry the resistance if you need to stop at any point in the movement. Performer Safety. 
  • Ability to perform at maximum effort: because of condition one you can perform movements at maximum effort through full range of motion! Only possible on  specialized equipment!
  • Revolutionary outcome: Never before attainable results in a fraction of the time! Faster responding musculature, due to neuroplasticity (the brain and central nervous system’s capacity to “learn”) equals increased strength, balance, confidence…mobility!

Responsive kinetics is flipping a switch on adaptation which is already there within your physiology! BIOHACKING a new level of performance and injury protection!

The Work:

  • Sessions are 1 hr and one on one.
  • Sessions consist of several multijoint movements on core VERT technology combined with mobility movements of varying intensity.
  • Training blocks are 10 sessions @ 2 sessions per week.

Be your best you ever!

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