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Better Built Athlete

A comprehensive approach to high performance movement development! Utilizing safe velocity enhanced resistance equipment we quickly develop reflex level “rate of force” activation. This affects the entire neuromuscular chain affecting nervous system transmission in both direction! Balance acuity increases, muscle activation increases, more performance, and injury reduction!

Rapid response training which can be effectively introduced anywhere in training cycle. Increased access to skillset acquisition as well as faster return to sport based on more accurate rate of force development.


Attention to Intention Mindset Coaching

You feel like you can be more. You cannot quite define that limitation, but it is there. All the pieces integrate. Movement, thought, and deep belief. Upgrading each piece together is greater than the sum of the parts. Go deeper.

In mindset coaching, thought, self-talk, and limiting beliefs are the primary components. How do you want to be better?  Starting there and layering in in a similar fashion to the physical training. Building strength and flexibility and a mental range of motion. Adding this training to your physical training program amplifies them both.

Maturing betterer! 50,60,70+

You might be wondering “where did the time go?” or “what are these sensations?” You have concerns about being a little slower,  not as stable, not feeling as durable. Maybe you are not as motivated to be active, but at the same time wanting to BE active! You are looking at 50, 60 or 70years old and beyond. Your big question is, what can I do about this?

We have a plan for you! QUALITY of LIFE always begins with quality movement, MOBILITY! We understand mobility and how to get and /or keep it at a high level. We build your program around your starting point right now. Utilizing core technology, VERT, and metabolic testing program, PNOE. Identifying where the limitations are and specifically how to progress with your fitness program.  We remove guessing.  Say yes to your best!

Pnoe Services

Metabolic testing establishes your starting point by identifying specific trainable areas. Saving you time in a custom training program and getting quicker results. Being excited about seeing results has an affect on your motivation and also on your increasing confidence.

Our metabolic testing partner also provides us with additional nutritional services based on your physiological needs which come from the testing and a questionnaire about your lifestyle. You will have the option to have a certified nutritionist provide guidance concerning dietary plan as well. All based on testing.

We suggest retesting at 3 months from starting to evaluate progress and adjust accordingly.

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