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Better Built Athlete

Not exclusively for those who are athletes, but everyone who desires much better access to activity in general and exponential growth. This training is one on one. Utilizing the core VERT technology (velocity enhanced resistance) and layering up movement patterns of varying intensities to build functional strength and balance throughout the range of motion spectrum.

1 training block = 10 session about one hour each. $700

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Attention to Intention Mindset Coaching

Combined with the Build a Better Athlete this training module will move into defining your ideal you. Expanding vision and replacing limitations!

Time frames are 3 or 6 months.

Pre-requisite is one 10 session BBA training block. $7500/$11000

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Maturing betterer! 50,60,70+

You might be wondering “where did the time go?” or “what are these sensations?” You have concerns about being a little slower, not feeling as durable, maybe you are not as motivated to be active, but at the same time wanting to BE active! You are looking at 50, 60 or 70years old and beyond. Your big question is, what do I do about this?

We have a plan for you! QUALITY of LIFE always begins with quality movement, MOBILITY! We understand mobility and how to get and /or keep it at a high level. We build your program around you and the starting point you bring to us. Utilizing core technology, VERT, and metabolic testing program, PNOE. We see at the start what’s working well and what is not working so well so we can zero in on moving forward with clear goals and measurable data. No one has time to be guessing. So, say yes to your best!

Pnoe Services

We are excited to now be offering Metabolic testing utilizing the Pnoe Metabolic analyzer. The testing will consist of a resting metabolic rate test (RMR) and an active metabolic rate (AMR). A report of your metabolic data is available immediately after completion of tests. The report will give information about things such as oxygen uptake, oxygen delivery, oxygen capacity, how fuels are utilized or burned and at which heart rates. This information and more identify limitations and where to focus training effort. There is also access to our certified nutritionists and optional dietary plans. You will also be able to synch your data from the tests to your wearable. You will now be training your zones and know how what you are doing is affecting your goals! This is an absolute gamechanger! Eliminate guessing! (wearables can be as much as 25% off) Tests take about 30 minutes to complete. Lets GO!
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