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Mia Janne
You have gone above and beyond to help clients avail of the best product possible with a hub that allows superior detail to anything I have seen in college, thank you
Dean Roche
Verified Customer
Just wanted to share how much I've improved since incorporating what my Pnoe test taught me in to my training! I keep setting new PR's, and it's seriously thanks to a few minor changes. I completed both a bike and a treadmill test, then had a call with the Pnoe team to go over my data. Basically, I learned that I have some breathing issues which were limiting my performance. I seriously never would have guessed! I now do breathing resistance exercise to improve my lung volume. I also learned my proper heart rate zones, which previously I had just spent years guessing at, so now I can train at proper intensities. Finally, it was shocking to see that at higher intensities, I really only burn carbs and no fat at all, so I make sure to bring some maple syrup or something for longer intensity workouts now. I seem to be getting a lot more out of them, and recovering faster. That's all! Definitely would recommend doing the test. I thought I was pretty maxed out in my capabilities as a pro athlete, but I've been able to tap in to a whole new level.
Lindsay Webster
verified customer
PNOE helped me improve my athletic performance by giving me direction on the things I needed to work on. Incredible accuracy, great customer service, and a unique experience overall!
Panos Christopoulos
verified customer
I have been using PNOE coaching for months now and really enjoy it. I have worked out most of my life and the challenge is keeping it fresh. The great thing about this program is that it is always evolving to meet my objectives. Nick is responsive to my questions about the plans and provides encouragement and direction.
Steve Rand
verified customer
With PNOE, your training is personalized, interactive, and based in science and data. I cannot overstate how much better it is than simply following a generic program online. With PNOE you have a dedicated trainer there to answer questions and to customize the program to your need, equipment, preferences, and progress. That customization gives you a huge advantage in your training and leads to vastly improved results. PNOE has provided a fantastic experience from start to finish. I cannot recommend it highly enough!
William Herbert
verified customer
Very light to carry around if you want to take a test outdoors and the platform is very easy to use -whatever you're looking for won't take you more than a minute. What also surprised me was the range of protocols you can choose from and create based on your exercise and current setting.
Panagiotis Koutsoubas
Verified Custome
The most all inclusive client tracking application and extremely cost effectiveo.
Korina Alevrogianni
verified customer
The app made me have total control of my clients biometrics and helped my business achieve a significant revenue increase.
Kouleris Anastasios
verified customer
Awesome device, ease of use and awesome customer service. Will definitely recommend and use again!
Kevin Somogye
verified customer
Useful, actionable information -- and integrated with my Whoop to make those data more accurate.
Liz Rover Baily
verified customer
Hi, I utilized the PNOE resting metabolic test and VO2 Max tests. The data was extremely useful for me to establish a baseline. That data was incorporated with Whoop, which has been a gamechanger combination in establishing my cardiovascular load and training potential. Finally, PNOE offered a customized workout based on my data and I found it was spot on. I worked with PNOE's trainer to establish my goals and was able to track and adjust my workouts in real time with this trainer. I was able to realize strength and cardio gains without sacrificing one for the other and also met my weight goals. Very grateful for this sort of program and offering in the fitness industry!
Sargon Daniel
verified customer
I have only kind words to give PNOE for excellent customer service. They are quick to reply if you have any kind of problem. Everything from purchase, delivery, moduls and service is very structured and organised which makes the product and company so much more reliable. I highly recommend PNOE.
Jeppe Zachariassen
verified customer

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