What you can expect…

You know there is something more, a lot more!  Doing the same thing over and over and expecting (hoping) for different results…has been called the definition of insanity…maybe,  but I call it mediocrity, complacency, accepting status quo.  Why waste time?  Maybe due to just not knowing there is an alternative that is the game changer you were looking for.  You are here and one step from stepping up to a new level!  You are motivated to find the solution…no matter your starting point, raising the bar, your bar, is motivating you from somewhere deep inside.  This is a level you did not know existed!  Even if you are “just curious”, you are saying that whatever you are currently doing is not taking you there.

FasTwitch Kinetics is about exceeding expectations!

Here’s the breakdown:

  • training sessions are 100% coached
  • each session will run approximately 40 to 50 minutes
  • each session will be comprised of 6 to 8 multi-joint upper and lower body movements
  • 3 sets of each will generally be 8 to 15 reps. more advanced variations will include fatigue sets, variable speed sets and sets including sticking points for full isometric contractions.  HIIT and Tabata customization’s also.
  • specialized equipment provides training environment where “work” is occurring throughout full range of motion bidirectionally! (not possible with other traditional forms of training}
  • Equipment measures performance in real time for every rep of every set. Adjustments to training are based on this data and individuals feedback. Other performance tests are used at beginning and end of training blocks. (typically 10 sessions)
  • Additionally, functional movement training involving dynamic mobility, strength, and balance combinations in conjunction with responsive kinetics to further develop movement proficiency and significant sport specific gains for athletes. (Not only “athletes”! everyone moves and can make gains according to your goals)
  • HIIT, and Tabata workouts utilizing the RK machine as the core and the above mentioned movement protocols can also be customized to quickly reach much higher performance levels!

Come exceed your expectations today! enroll in a 10 session block and get results this month!

Discounts for both 8 and 10 session blocks for May and June 2019…20% off = $200 savings for 10 session blocks and $160 for 8 session blocks


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